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Last Blog

I didn’t have a favorite activity this year because I didn’t like the theme for this year which was culture. My least favorite was reading things fall apart and Ender game also that I learned a lot from things fall apart and Ender game even if i didn’t like it them very much and what i learn from things fall apart is the different culture and how they do things in the lbo culture and from Ender game i learn that size doesn’t matter that much you just have to out think your opponent. I learn something that I really didn’t expect to learn was about Ender and the buggers and how does that suppose to help us if are theme was over culture. I really just wanted to learn how different culture sees different things and how they culture is. I don’t think there was nothing that helped me with the test because I didn’t pass my TAKS but i really don’t know what help me to tell the truth. That it will be a lot of writing and doing different thing with maybe different writing style. I think my favorite was the short stories because it wasn’t that much to read and that it got to the point of the stories quick and wasn’t that much to do and it had a lot funny simile’s and methapor’s in the short stories reading and the work on for the short stories was quick and easy to understand it better.


5th 6 weeks – Blog#3

It is getting more and more difficult for a person to make their way through a world mixed with old traditions, old rules, new technology, research, and knowledge. One persons sanctuary is another persons road block. It is more difficult to hold on to what is dear to us or to remember why certain things are sacred. One person may worship an animal and another may want to eat it. It is more difficult to say what is right or wrong or when laws protect us or for our freedom. People are losing their direction and forgetting what is most important in life than things they can put a price tag on. It wasn’t too long ago when people had simpler lives and few questions. Life was simple, life was good. Not too long ago and not too far away the mighty buffalo roamed the earth of this land. The Native people had a respect for these buffalo’s and together they lived in honor of mother earth. The Natives relied on the buffalo to sustain them and their way of life, and there were almost too many buffalos to count. The connection the Natives had with the earth and the buffalo them to live in balance with the earth and the universe. There is a belief among Natives that a great being took the shape of a white buffalo and brought the Natives great teachings and great prophecies of peace. So to the Natives a white buffalo is one of the most sacred of all animals to roam the earth.

5th 6 weeks – Blog#1

I think that Okonkwo might change a little but at the end might come out and be like his father but he wish never to be like his father but i think he is going to be like his father.  I do think that Okonkwo will be successful at his mother land because that gives him a chance to become known and famous again start over his life. One differences between the Ibo culture and our culture is that people in Umuofia believe in many gods and we believe in one god. Also the people in Umuofia fear there gods and our culture God is more like a loving father to us. They wives have to stop cooking if any cows or etc get out and have to catch the cow and put it back and the person the cow belong to have to pay a fine but in our culture the guy they women can do it or the men can catch the cow or etc while the women cook. Okonkwo is like other men now because he beat him kids and wives and some american men do it now. But okonkwo is different from american men today because if a guy in america shot a gun and it explode the guy go to jail even if it wasn’t on purpose. The week of peace is important because this is when ever body have a good time and they hang out and eat have fun and cook and share. (250 words )

4th 6 weeks – Blog#1-

How did I feel about my Performance last semester.  I feel bad because I did  do as good as i wanted to do and I didn’t do good I fail 4 or 3 of my classes last semester and I wasn’t happy with that. What would I do to change them I will come after school to the teachers class I failed and see if I could study first to retake test or another assignments I failed in they class and try to get my grades up to part so I  can feel much comfortable.  My goals this semester it to do all my work and pass it the first time study and not play around like i did the first semester and come after school for help and not just to hang out or laid back with my friends. I’m going to do my work do want I have to do to pass my classes and try to pass for the year and if i need help ask my teachers and not just sit there and not try to figure it out.  I plan to meet those goals but doing every thing my parents, teachers and other staff members tell me to pass my classes and pay more attention in class and join in the talk’s we have in class about the work we doing and join and pay attention in the group actives we have and really take them seriously. My overall plan for success it to do the thing I suppose to and pay attention and I meet that for success.

Word count: 264

Blog #4

Well I know that some Hispanics cultures like to eat mostly tacos and nachos or food that have to deal with tortilla chips. They dress differently on special days, they talk different , most of them play soccer, they see things differently in the world as I see it, some of they parents wont allow they daughter to marry or date somebody that’s like my culture. When they Daughter turn fifth-teen they have this party called a quinceañera and the girl dress up in a dress and have guys to dance with her and help her out the limo or car and take pictures with her

Island Blog- #2

Well the rules that my group and I came up with was like two people share a shelter home no fighting, share the supplies that we have because we don’t have that many for every one two have in they own and help others if they need help with something, if you find food tell the group , and NO KILLING EACH OTHER. Are very important rules are no killing each other,share supplies, and if you find food tell the group the reason this rules are important because why would we kill each other we need all the help we need to build, hunt for food and other things that involve more than to people and the another important rules are if you find food share because every body need to eat and help you fellow friends to survival and the last important rule is share the supplies with each other the reason why is that so both of you can have the same thing or help each other with what ever you need help with. I feel very disappointed that some people in my group don’t work as hard as I want them to i’m not like pushing them to work all day and all night.I just want them to do want they have to do and maybe do a little bit more. I can motivate my team to work hard but telling them that if who ever do the work and finish first can just chill and seat there and watch the others work on the next assignment.


Island Blog #1

After a long night of rain I feel sick and sleepy.  My night last night was long cold and upsetting i would have never thought it was going to rain like that rain pouring down on me jet scream because the lighting struck the tree next to us and Alfin running. Mac was over by the big scar on the island crying because we need help. We deiced to vote on who should be the lead of the group so Mac, Jet, and Alfin was fighting on how should be leader. So when they asked me who should be leader between them three i was like I should be the leader so they all agree for me to be the leader. Then i told them the reason i should be leader is because I’m not lazy I’m hard working, love to build, cook, a great survival er so they all said “yea he’s the one”.  That next morning make checked the supply bag and found no food all he found was an ax, fishing tackle, first-aid kit,hammer & nails, tool box, wooden planks, Mosquito netting, rope, and signal flare. Then Mac was trying to throw out the mosquito net,tool box, first-aid kit, wooden planks, and the ax but i caught Mac just in time before he threw it in the water. I said that those items are important to use to use so Mac said how then i was like because we can use the mosquito net to block the mosquitoes from coming in because it rain a lot and we can use the rope to hold the wooden planks to a tree to make a shed or shelter to sleep and use the hammer and nails to connect the wooden planks to each other and the ax to kill the pigs and other living food and the first-aid kit to help each other if we get injured.