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Island Blog #1

November 3, 2011

After a long night of rain I feel sick and sleepy.  My night last night was long cold and upsetting i would have never thought it was going to rain like that rain pouring down on me jet scream because the lighting struck the tree next to us and Alfin running. Mac was over by the big scar on the island crying because we need help. We deiced to vote on who should be the lead of the group so Mac, Jet, and Alfin was fighting on how should be leader. So when they asked me who should be leader between them three i was like I should be the leader so they all agree for me to be the leader. Then i told them the reason i should be leader is because I’m not lazy I’m hard working, love to build, cook, a great survival er so they all said “yea he’s the one”.  That next morning make checked the supply bag and found no food all he found was an ax, fishing tackle, first-aid kit,hammer & nails, tool box, wooden planks, Mosquito netting, rope, and signal flare. Then Mac was trying to throw out the mosquito net,tool box, first-aid kit, wooden planks, and the ax but i caught Mac just in time before he threw it in the water. I said that those items are important to use to use so Mac said how then i was like because we can use the mosquito net to block the mosquitoes from coming in because it rain a lot and we can use the rope to hold the wooden planks to a tree to make a shed or shelter to sleep and use the hammer and nails to connect the wooden planks to each other and the ax to kill the pigs and other living food and the first-aid kit to help each other if we get injured.


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