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Island Blog- #2

December 1, 2011

Well the rules that my group and I came up with was like two people share a shelter home no fighting, share the supplies that we have because we don’t have that many for every one two have in they own and help others if they need help with something, if you find food tell the group , and NO KILLING EACH OTHER. Are very important rules are no killing each other,share supplies, and if you find food tell the group the reason this rules are important because why would we kill each other we need all the help we need to build, hunt for food and other things that involve more than to people and the another important rules are if you find food share because every body need to eat and help you fellow friends to survival and the last important rule is share the supplies with each other the reason why is that so both of you can have the same thing or help each other with what ever you need help with. I feel very disappointed that some people in my group don’t work as hard as I want them to i’m not like pushing them to work all day and all night.I just want them to do want they have to do and maybe do a little bit more. I can motivate my team to work hard but telling them that if who ever do the work and finish first can just chill and seat there and watch the others work on the next assignment.



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