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4th 6 weeks – Blog#1-

January 9, 2012

How did I feel about my Performance last semester.  I feel bad because I did  do as good as i wanted to do and I didn’t do good I fail 4 or 3 of my classes last semester and I wasn’t happy with that. What would I do to change them I will come after school to the teachers class I failed and see if I could study first to retake test or another assignments I failed in they class and try to get my grades up to part so I  can feel much comfortable.  My goals this semester it to do all my work and pass it the first time study and not play around like i did the first semester and come after school for help and not just to hang out or laid back with my friends. I’m going to do my work do want I have to do to pass my classes and try to pass for the year and if i need help ask my teachers and not just sit there and not try to figure it out.  I plan to meet those goals but doing every thing my parents, teachers and other staff members tell me to pass my classes and pay more attention in class and join in the talk’s we have in class about the work we doing and join and pay attention in the group actives we have and really take them seriously. My overall plan for success it to do the thing I suppose to and pay attention and I meet that for success.

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