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5th 6 weeks – Blog#1

March 28, 2012

I think that Okonkwo might change a little but at the end might come out and be like his father but he wish never to be like his father but i think he is going to be like his father.  I do think that Okonkwo will be successful at his mother land because that gives him a chance to become known and famous again start over his life. One differences between the Ibo culture and our culture is that people in Umuofia believe in many gods and we believe in one god. Also the people in Umuofia fear there gods and our culture God is more like a loving father to us. They wives have to stop cooking if any cows or etc get out and have to catch the cow and put it back and the person the cow belong to have to pay a fine but in our culture the guy they women can do it or the men can catch the cow or etc while the women cook. Okonkwo is like other men now because he beat him kids and wives and some american men do it now. But okonkwo is different from american men today because if a guy in america shot a gun and it explode the guy go to jail even if it wasn’t on purpose. The week of peace is important because this is when ever body have a good time and they hang out and eat have fun and cook and share. (250 words )


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