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5th 6 weeks – Blog#3

March 30, 2012

It is getting more and more difficult for a person to make their way through a world mixed with old traditions, old rules, new technology, research, and knowledge. One persons sanctuary is another persons road block. It is more difficult to hold on to what is dear to us or to remember why certain things are sacred. One person may worship an animal and another may want to eat it. It is more difficult to say what is right or wrong or when laws protect us or for our freedom. People are losing their direction and forgetting what is most important in life than things they can put a price tag on. It wasn’t too long ago when people had simpler lives and few questions. Life was simple, life was good. Not too long ago and not too far away the mighty buffalo roamed the earth of this land. The Native people had a respect for these buffalo’s and together they lived in honor of mother earth. The Natives relied on the buffalo to sustain them and their way of life, and there were almost too many buffalos to count. The connection the Natives had with the earth and the buffalo them to live in balance with the earth and the universe. There is a belief among Natives that a great being took the shape of a white buffalo and brought the Natives great teachings and great prophecies of peace. So to the Natives a white buffalo is one of the most sacred of all animals to roam the earth.


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