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May 30, 2012

I didn’t have a favorite activity this year because I didn’t like the theme for this year which was culture. My least favorite was reading things fall apart and Ender game also that I learned a lot from things fall apart and Ender game even if i didn’t like it them very much and what i learn from things fall apart is the different culture and how they do things in the lbo culture and from Ender game i learn that size doesn’t matter that much you just have to out think your opponent. I learn something that I really didn’t expect to learn was about Ender and the buggers and how does that suppose to help us if are theme was over culture. I really just wanted to learn how different culture sees different things and how they culture is. I don’t think there was nothing that helped me with the test because I didn’t pass my TAKS but i really don’t know what help me to tell the truth. That it will be a lot of writing and doing different thing with maybe different writing style. I think my favorite was the short stories because it wasn’t that much to read and that it got to the point of the stories quick and wasn’t that much to do and it had a lot funny simile’s and methapor’s in the short stories reading and the work on for the short stories was quick and easy to understand it better.


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